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Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

Tengku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar, Cinlok up to become a real love

Pair this one was no stranger in the eyes of Indonesian society, who daily saw them on television screens.
At first they were on to arrange a meeting at one of the soap opera production titled Cinta Fitri which makes them as lovers.
Tengku Wisnu already have a first boyfriend and according to Tengku Wisnu they are like brother and sister.
Not unlike when Shireen com in question, he confirmed that between him and Tengku Wisnu only a brother and sister.
When it Shireen com already have lovers who also played in sinetron Cinta Fitri is Adly Fairuz.
Look at intimacy Adly Fairuz and Shireen Sungkar time.
After so long finally they decided utuk not together anymore.
And when Tengku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar already parted with their partners, then they are getting closer.
But proximity is immediately denied by both, they claim only limited close as ever.
Finally news of dating between Tengku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar also wafted by the media, then they also admit that they indeed are in a relationship.
Now Tengku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar look very close and increasingly inseparable.

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